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Welcome to The Innovation Fellowship

A new international high school for students who want to become successful in life by doing work that is meaningful to them

The Pillars of Life Success

At The Innovation Fellowship, we believe that education is the foundation for a fulfilling and successful life. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Shibuya, our high school is dedicated to rethinking education by aligning it with the true measures of life success. We aim to increase the likelihood that students will lead meaningful and successful lives both now and in the future.


Project-Based Learning

At TIF, 80% of the students' time is devoted to real-world projects that resonate with their interests and passions, while the remaining 20% is spent on traditional subject-based learning. This balance ensures that our students are not only prepared for higher education but are also equipped for success in the real world.

Personalized Guidance

We understand that each student is unique, and our programs are tailored to help students maximize the five pillars of life success. Unlike conventional models that focus primarily on imparting knowledge in various subjects, our coaches use a holistic approach to ensure that learning is a personalized journey.

Modern Work Space
Photo of our Plug and Play campus near Shibuya station, Tokyo
Another photo of our Plug and Play campus in Shibuya, Tokyo

Our Campus

TIF operates in a physical location at the Plug and Play Innovation Center near Shibuya Station. Our modern open space is shared with startups, creating an inspiring environment for our students. They also have access to dedicated spaces and meeting rooms.

TIF Demo Day


Andi S. (Grade 9)

"I feel compelled to come here every day because I get to work on what I enjoy and have a real interest in every day, which gives me much more opportunities at an earlier age."


Join Our School

The Innovation Fellowship accepts applications on a rolling basis. If you are interested in what we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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