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Introducing The Innovation Fellowship

Empowering the Next Generation for Life Success

No More "One-Size-Fits-All"

Whereas traditional high school offers a standardized curriculum requiring students to study generic content at an inflexible pace, The Innovation Fellowship offers a personalized curriculum tailored to each student's interests and shaped by their real-world projects.


Effective Guidance

Unlike a traditional high school, where students receive instruction from subject-area experts who distribute siloed knowledge, students at The Innovation Fellowship receive holistic guidance from experienced coaches and mentors who support the success of their interdisciplinary projects.


Ensure College Readiness

The Innovation Fellowship’s curriculum is both dynamic and academically rigorous, dedicating the necessary time to cover all critical subject areas while also adapting to each student's goals and needs, enabling them to uncover the dormant "x-factor" that will dramatically improve their chances of admission success.


What You Graduate With

TIF Mission and PBL

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