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Privacy Policy

The Innovation Fellowship K.K. contributes to the success of its clients through personalized coaching services and the provision of specialized skills at a high quality. For the expansion of our business and to perform our duties, we consider the protection of personal information (including specific personal information) to be of vital importance. This policy was formulated to show our commitment to information security, and our promise is to abide by the rules set forth below.

1. Collection, Use and Provision

  • Collection of personal information and specific personal information (henceforth referred to as “personal information) will be conducted following the appropriate process.

  • Personal information will only be used for purposes in scope of the purpose of use, unless required for legal reasons. Preventative measures shall be taken to ensure that the personal information is not misused.

  • Additionally, personal information shall not be provided to third parties without consent, unless required by law.

2. Management Measures

  • Management measures shall be put in place to prevent the occurrence of unauthorized access, leaks, loss or falsification of personal information.

3. Inquiries, Complaints and Consultations

  • A point of contact shall be appointed to be responsible for any inquiries, complaints or consultations regarding personal information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • The Innovation Fellowship K.K. shall comply with all laws, regulations and guidelines stipulated by Japan regarding personal information

5. Continuous Improvement

  • A management system shall be created for the protection of personal information, and continuous improvements shall be made to the management system.

Formulated 2023/06/01
The Innovation Fellowship K.K.
Scott Smoler
Representative Director

Information Security Policy

As a company that processes confidential information for the provision of personalized coaching services, The Innovation Fellowship K.K. understands that information security is vital to the services we provide. We are committed to the protection of both our clients’ and our information assets through compliance with laws, regulations and company policies. We also strive to keep in touch with the everchanging business environment and continue to improve our management system.

Basic Principles

1. All The Innovation Fellowship K.K. employees shall be educated on the importance of information security and comply with the requirements of laws, regulations and company policies.

2. To fulfil the requirements of our policy, we shall define the evaluation criteria for risks, and perform risks assessments in line with the written instructions and directions on how to perform the assessment.

3. Our goal is to comply with this Information Security Policy, and we shall periodically review its requirements for the continuous improvement of the ISMS.

4. All employees shall be informed of this policy, and the management team shall be committed to the compliance of this policy.

Formulated 2023/06/01
The Innovation Fellowship K.K.
Scott Smoler
Representative Director

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