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TIF Curriculum

Our personalized curriculum at TIF is tailored to each student's interests and shaped by their real-world projects

Personalized Curriculum

Where traditional high school offers a standardized curriculum requiring students to study generic content at an inflexible pace, The Innovation Fellowship offers a personalized curriculum tailored to each student’s interests and shaped by their real-world projects.

Project-based Learning

All aspects of our original PBL method called "The Innovator's Framework"  reinforces a singular aim: empower students to achieve life success by designing and executing real-world projects at the intersection of their loftiest dreams and humanity’s greatest needs.

The Innovator's Framework

The Innovator's Framework engages students in an iterative cycle of discovery, action, and reflection. Each cycle consists of five steps that guide students closer to their goals while adapting to new learnings and aspirations.

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Establish a Personal Mission: Through coaching and introspection, a student is tasked with determining where their greatest joys and talents meet the world’s most pressing problems.

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Identify Humanity's Front Line: Diving into research and outreach, the student identifies and reports upon the agents of change at the front lines of their own personal mission.

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Plan a Next Step Project: Charting a path backwards from the front line, the student determines what discrete project(s) would bring them closer to achieving their personal mission.

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Take Action: In collaboration with peers, the student brings their next step project to fruition. In doing so, they develop a mastery of the subject matter necessary to generate project outputs.

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Reflect, Refine, Repeat: Students refine their project into a logical next step or if they discover a greater interest, work with their coaches to pivot in the direction of a newly articulated mission.

The Innovation Fund

Separate from The Innovation Fellowship, we are establishing The Innovation Fund, which provides grants directly to students for their projects. We currently have

JPY 10,000,000 in committed donations to the fund.

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With project-based learning guided by seasoned coaches and buttressed by a strategic academic program, The Innovation Fellowship offers students an opportunity to explore their passions, collaborate with peers, and play an active role in their education. Admissions officers at elite universities and private high schools look most favorably upon articulate students with clearly-identified interests, compelling projects, and unique personal narratives. TIF promises to serve as a launching pad for that level of academic excellence. The world needs more programs like TIF.

Dr. Jason Cody Douglass
Founder of Cerulean Education
Yale University B.A. 2013, M.A. 2018, M.Phil. 2019, Ph.D. 2023

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Student Projects

Watch our students demo their projects from their first semester at TIF

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Project-Based Learning

School Life

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